4 Benefits of Using Insulated Concrete Forms


When it comes to building a sustainable house, finding the right balance between environmental friendly materials and structural integrity is important. Sustainable housing often means proper use of resources that have minimum environmental and social impact. To ensure better use of resources, what kind of green building materials should you choose?

For a green construction project, the main factors to consider when looking for materials are energy reduction, soundproofing, fire resistance as well as curb appeal. And these are just some of the benefits you can get from using Insulated Concrete Forms. ICF is one of the popular sustainable building materials that have revolutionized the property industry while preserving the environment. Here are top benefits of using Insulated Concrete Form for your green project.

1.Lower Energy Bills
Most ICF systems are built around energy savings and comfort. This building block features a polystyrene foam insulation that is four inches in diameter and a five-inch concrete wall. The super insulation layer protects the interior of a home from adverse outdoor temperature. At all times. According to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, the use of ICF walls can potentially save your annual heating and cooling cost by up to 25%. However, the layers will cause poor air ventilation as a result of air barriers caused by foam insulation and the concrete.

2.Durable and Building Integrity
ICF systems are among the top green building materials widely used in global construction. They not only offer a superior solid feel for your structure, but they also ensure your family is protected against extreme events such as fires, storms, tornadoes, and hurricanes.

In fire wall tests, ICFs systems proved to be a solid building material than the traditional wall frame walls after withstanding intense flame. The tests also showed that most ICFs do not support combustion and their tendency to transmit an outside flame is minimal. In fact, many insurance companies are now offering low premium insurance rates for individuals with ICF homes.

3.Tranquillity in Your Own House
Unlike the old conventional stick built homes, ICF homes are relatively quiet creating a space for harmonious living with the surrounding. A test done on sound transmission revealed that ICF walls block up to 70% of outside than ordinary fiberglass filled frame wall. The thick layer of concrete and insulation foam reflect and absorb noise at the same time creating a perfect sound barrier for your house. As such, ICF systems makes the ideal green building materials for hospitals, schools, and residential houses.

4.Minimum repair and maintenance
With ICF homes, you are guaranteed of rot and rust free walls which can serve for centuries with little damage. The concrete is reinforced with steel and a layer of polystyrene that protects against corrosion.

Ultimately, choosing ICF green building materials for your house will be a secure investment too as it reduces the overall cost of construction and, repair costs in future. Not forgetting that it’s also cutting your heating and cooling costs by almost half.