Being A Homeowner Is A Lot Of Work Choosing The Right Renovations To Save You Time And Money


Being a homeowner is a full-time job.

You have to keep a close eye on your mortgage alongside bills, gas and food. You have renovations that crop up every now and again to save you money and increase your ROI. You have those frustrating incidents that crop up out of nowhere in the middle of the week that force you to call an emergency plumber. When this job gets a little too tough? It pays to take the initiative. There are small things you can do for your home to make life easier down the road, from investing in a little chimney cleaning before your chimney is clogged to reaching out to a roof repair and installation professional.

Get going while the weather is good. Try these five tips on for size next time you have a homeowner obligation calling your name.

Chimneys And Vents

Do you have an old-fashioned chimney? Consider chimney cleaning on your way to a more manageable home. Chimneys, vents and fireplaces alike should be inspected at least once per year, according to data provided by The National Fire Protection Association. Not only will they work a lot better with a little upkeep, your risk for fire is reduced significantly when overseen by a professional eye. To date, chimney fires are responsible for up to $125 million in property damage annually. That’s as much as 25,000 chimney fires across the United States.

Roof And Repair

Chimney cleaning services are a great place to start. What about your roof? While your chimney or fireplace can get away with being inspected once per year, most professionals from the National Roofing Contractors Association (or NRCA) recommend you inspect your roof twice per year. This is due to your roof being a major boon, or a major hindrance, to your comfort, energy bills and flood prevention measures. For some homeowners a simple check-up for any hidden leaks will do, while others might benefit from installing an updated roof model to keep up with their energy costs.

Siding And Replacement

Perhaps you’re interested in improving your ROI to save you some green down the road. Vinyl siding is a great choice for both practicality and cost-effective interests. Every year the United States produces up to 15 million pounds of vinyl resin for home improvement measures, with vinyl siding leading the pack as both an eco-friendly and durable option. It’s able to withstand winds as high as 110 miles per hour and can pair nicely with new window installations to keep your energy costs low. For those that live in an area with severe weather, this is one element you can’t miss out on. Speaking of which…

Gutters And Clogs

A home with strong gutters is a home protected from flood damage. Your gutters work tirelessly to redirect rain and snow away from your home, reducing your risk of a flooded basement or leaky pipes that could cost you thousands. Gutters should be cleaned out twice per year, but some professionals recommend four times per year if your home is surrounded by pine trees. While pine needles are small, they gather up quickly and can create clogs deep in your gutter system before you know it. When you want it all? Your local roofing companies can provide chimney cleaning, repair and restoration all in one go.

Renovations And Improvements

Being a homeowner can be tiring. There’s so much to keep in mind at any given point in time, on top of family and work. This is where your local roofing company comes in. When you want to keep floods at bay and your ROI high, professionals can give your home a once-over and determine what, exactly, it’s missing. It could be a superior gutter system to drain cleanly and keep you in the clear. It could be a better roof to reduce your energy costs and improve the appearance of your home. A little bit of work now will pay off immensely down the road.

The weather will hold steady for months yet. See how you can touch up your home for the hard times ahead.