A Guide to Removable Non Slip Treads and More


Across the country, there are workplace injuries that unfortunately occur and they leave people hurt or potentially dead. Recent information from the Department of Labor has revealed that falls, slips, and trips are the second leading cause of accidental deaths. These situations are second only to car accidents where someone is accidentally killed. Therefore, business should be invested in removable non slip treads to help them prevent these instances from taking place.

Data was gathered from the year of 2016 in relation to all of the injuries and preventable deaths. This data revealed that America dealt with 44 million injuries and nearly 161,374 deaths. This managed to cost the country nearly $967 billion in terms of production and profits. Therefore, removable non slip treads is a wise investment.

Over a quarter of all workplace injury claims directly deal with falls. As a result, it is good to have safety track tape, stair grip tape, yellow fluorescent reflective tape, and more. As a result, workplaces across the country can help prevent slip and falls and save money by just having some visible, removable non slip treads. Here are all of the facts on workplace injuries and safety equipment.

Slip And Fall Injuries Cost Employees And Workplaces

Every year, the National Safety Council works to collect data in regards to injuries in the workplace. Their data shows that the United States loses $70 billion every year because of injuries that come from slip and fall situations. As a result, any business that wants to avoid having to lose out on serious money should get some helpful removable non slip treads.

Two types of falls are most commonly experienced by construction sites and workplaces across the country. These two types of falls include same-level and elevated falls. Nearly 65% of all falls will involve same-level falls, in which someone slips and falls but they are not elevated up from the ground. This just goes to show how many of these falls can not only be prevented but de-escalated in terms of danger by using removable non slip treads!

Removable Non Slip Treads Can Prevent Danger

A recent study has revealed that 12,000 workplace injuries happen every single year and they involved slips, trips, and falls. These numbers are overwhelming and foolish, considering the fact that so many of these situations can be prevented. Plus, using the right kinds of safety treads for outdoor steps can really help prevent people from falling and getting hurt. The best part is that these types of tools are very cheap and will not cost business owners a lot of money.

Almost 17% of all injuries that leave victims disabled in the workplace come from falls. This is the type of injury that can potentially ruin someone’s life as they are left disabled. Not only will business owners deal with this in regards to their morality but it also costs a lot of money. Also, the worst part is that some of these injuries happen and can be completely prevented by the smart moves and purchases.

More than 2 million falls happen each year just because of the floors and flooring materials, according to the Consumer Product Safety Commission. Any business owner with this type of flooring is liable for a big-time lawsuit that is going to take a big chunk of change from them. Therefore, it is wise for anyone running a business to take time to integrate safety items and safety equipment. This includes all of the safety tap and non slip tread available.

Last Words On Removable Non Slip Treads

Every decade will bring about a rise in the potential risk percentage for injuries and falls in the workplaces. As a result, business owners need to understand that this type of situation is going to potentially happen just due to the rising stats and data. Anyone that is worried about workplace injuries with their employees need to seriously take time to integrate safety equipment, gear, and removable non slip treads to help prevent a serious injury from taking place.