5 Home Renovation Facts to Know Before You Begin Your Remodel


Planning and starting a remodel of your home is an intimidating process, beginning to end. It’s easy to lose your grip on the project and end up way over your head and way over budget. Instead, make sure you’re prepared by checking out these interesting and useful facts relating to home renovation!

1. Bathroom Additions Have a Huge Return on Investment

86.4% return on investment, to be exact. That means that instead of simply regaining what it cost to redo bathroom additions in your home, you’ll be netting nearly double what it cost when you decide to sell! Everyone loves a happy in your home bathroom, and nicer ones have the added benefit of piling on to the cost of a home. A home bathroom remodel has shown to be an excellent way of making more money of a sale, despite often requiring the use of bathroom remodeling contractors. With its excellent return on investment, the cost to redo bathroom tile, amenities and appliances has shown to be worth what you’ll gain in the end.

2. 76% of All Home Renovation Projects Involve the Kitchen

It’s the place where we cook the food we eat, and it deserves our attention! Over three quarters of all home renovations have been shown to involve the kitchen in some capacity, meaning there’s likely always going to be something you can do to upgrade your kitchen. Whether you intend to redo the floors, add in some new appliances or completely tear the thing apart, just make sure you have some fun along the way!

3. 54% of Home Buyers Will Front Extra Money for Hardwood Flooring

Just as popular as ever, hardwood floors are often the favored type of flooring available to most people. Compared to carpet, hardwood matches almost any decor or design scheme, and fits in every room. Seriously, can you imagine your kitchen or bathroom being carpeted? The thought alone sends shivers down the spine.

4. More Than 80% of Home Renovations Include the Bathroom

Even more popular than kitchen renovations are bathroom remodels! Despite the cost to redo bathroom tile, sinks, toilets and showers, the bathroom remains a popular spot to renovate, perhaps due to its high return on investment mentioned earlier. One thing you can’t dispute is that when it comes to the real estate business, bathrooms are where the magic happens. If you’re looking to sell soon, you might want to try a home bathroom remodel before listing

5. Nearly Two Thirds of All Homeowners Plan on Renovating At Some Point

Chances are, if you own a home, you’ll likely want to make some changes down the line. It’s only natural! Home renovating is a fun and productive way to pass the time, and make your own stamp on the house you paid so much money for. As long as you’re prepared for what’s ahead and ready to tackle the myriad of problems bound to crop up, you’re going to enjoy your time and find great success!

Do you have any home remodeling success stories or horror tales? Please share them in the comments down below, and happy remodeling!