Things To Know About Habitat For Humanity


There are people who have dedicated their lives to doing good, and one of those people is Pam Wheelock, Chief Operating Officer at Twin Cities Habitat. Prior to joining Twin Cities Habitat, Pam served as Vice President of University Services at the University of Minnesota where she was responsible for facility construction and maintenance of student houses.

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Today, Pam’s goal is to double the number of families that can access an affordable home. While Habitat’s mission is to help people get affordable houses, Pam revealed that duties are not only limited to homebuilding operations. She is also involved

Habitat’s home repair programs such as A Brush with Kindness, and Habitat ReStores.

Pam shared 4 things most people don’t know about her organization.

1. Habitat For Humanity help people buy homes with mortgages

First and foremost, Habitat For Humanity plays a big role in ensuring that people buy homes with mortgages. Pam said they worked tirelessly to find an affordable mortgage product that suits everyone, including low-income earners.

Ideally, every homeowner who takes a mortgage shouldn’t spend more than 30% of their net income. Habitat For Humanity ensures that the mortgage bond is affordable and sustainable, especially for low-income earners. Pam said they want to see households paying their mortgages and still have money remaining to cover essentials such as utilities, healthcare, and education.

2. Habitat For Humanity works closely with realtors

Apart from making sure families access affordable mortgages, Habitat For Humanity also build houses that are affordable to people. Pam said they work with a realtor to find suitable homes in various locations for individual families.

Half of the houses that Habitat For Humanity is involved in building are in suburban areas. Pam said their aim is to help people to be close to where they work, to schools, and institutions of higher learning.

3. Habitat For Humanity makes sure every house is power efficient

Additionally, Habitat For Humanity makes sure that every house that is built is not only affordable but also power efficient. It comes as no surprise that Habitat For Humanity ranks as the number home builder of affordable houses that are power efficient as well.

All houses that Habitat For Humanity builds are quality homes that will last the homeowners for a lifetime.

4. Anyone can work for Habitat For Humanity

There are numerous opportunities for volunteering for those who would like to work for Habitat For Humanity. Volunteers have an option to work for Restore, handle donations, or even prepare meals and bake cookies for other volunteers. What’s more, you are likely to find Habitat For Humanity volunteering as hurricane reinforcements.