Roofing Repairs Explained


In this video, you will learn about roof repairs. These are a few instances in which an insurance company might try to avoid paying for your roofing claim. The first way is that they will increase your deductible.

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This will make you have to pay more of the price. That is how insurance companies keep you. They tell you they increased your deductible, and they tell you this ahead of time. They most likely already told you this in an agreement document, but most people do not take the time to read 25-30 pages. Your deductible might go from $1000 to $1500. A lot of time, your deductible is going to increase by $1k. There have been ridiculously deductible increases. The next tactic is to simply deny the claim. What happens is that if there are a lot of claims in that area, they can simply deny yours. They know that the vast majority of homeowners are just going to accept what the adjuster says. Insurance companies know the homeowners trust them. It is not always the best idea to trust insurance companies. Keep watching this video for more information.