What Its Like to Be a Contractors Painter


Have you ever considered becoming a painting contractor? You have the option to work primarily on your own to get clients or to work under a head contractor as a contractors painter. No matter what you choose to do to get your start, you can expect to be doing roughly the same work most days.

In this video, the Contractor Growth Network checks in on a successful painting contractor in Michigan. They see some of the work they do on a regular basis and talk to some of their clients.

Video Source

Painting contractors like the one highlighted in the video take interior and exterior painting jobs, and all of their work beautifies living spaces and protects homes from the elements.

One of the houses showcased in the video is given a complete exterior transformation just with a coat of paint. The light color used highlights and balances the natural brick details on the rest of the house. Painting contractors can always see the direct results of their work displayed in front of them. They also have direct connections with clients, so they can see how well their work is appreciated and how much they are supporting their communities.