Uplighting Trees- Landscape Design


Are you looking to add some landscape lighting detail to your home?

Here are some tips to keep in mind when uplighting a tree. First, determine the lighting angle. Will you need to light the tree from multiple directions based on its location? What is the size and shape of your tree? This information helps you pick the location and power of your lighting fixtures.

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Place the fixture at the base of the tree’s trunk and shine it up towards the tree. Make sure the fixture is inconspicuous and that the light is an accent for the tree, not a feature by itself. Prominent fixtures can draw attention away from the tree. You want a soft, subtle glow that’s natural and provides ambiance, rather than a bright, menacing light that may be more of an annoyance. Direct the glow of the light towards the tree’s branches and not across the lawn. This ensures a dramatic effect that complements both the yard and the tree. Keep in mind that choosing lights that are too bright or bulky can be a problem when it comes to creating a soft glow.