Building a Retaining Wall Step-By-Step


Retaining walls are a fundamental part of several people’s backyards, front yards, and overall yard aesthetic. These walls serve to keep curves and hills separate from an even yard, often separating grass from soil or mulch. People often use retaining walls for elevated gardens or flowerbeds.

Video Source

While there are many different styles for a retaining wall now-a-days, the traditional retaining wall is made of stacked stone blocks and packed gravel. This video walks us through the building of a three-foot retaining wall.

First of all, you want a packed gravel base to build you retaining wall on. It needs to be flat to prevent warping and breakdown of your wall. If your structure is built on an uneven surface, chances are it may be fundamentally unstable. Using stone blocks that are readily available at your local garden shop, build the wall at an angle, almost like a brick wall but tilted a bit to follow the curve of your hill. To avoid sinking as you build the wall, pack the dirt and gravel into the back of each block that you lay. Glue the top layer of your wall, and you’re finished!