Should You Buy Quartzite Countertops?


You have probably heard of marble countertops. However, have you heard of quartzite countertops? Quartzite countertops provide many of the same benefits of marble and then some. In this video, you will learn about quartzite countertops.

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Quartzite is a type of rock that looks very similar to marble. In fact, a diagnostic test has to be used to distinguish between the two in most cases. However, it is so much more than a marble look-alike. For one, it does not stain or etch like marble. This is because quartzite is a hard material. It is a metamorphic rock which means it was originally produced by a volcano. It starts as a sandstone and eventually gets buried which compresses it into quartzite. This density resulting from compression is what makes it so durable.

Besides being durable, quartzite also looks fantastic. It can be used as a marble alternative. Further, it comes in other colors such as blues and greens. These colors come from groundwater minerals that mix with the quartzite. There are many reasons to consider a quartzite countertop ranging from the durability to the beautiful aesthetics.