How To Do Maintenance on Your Air Conditioner


Video Source

To properly maintain your air conditioning unit, you need a professional air conditioning service. This video shows how an HVAC contractor goes about servicing your AC unit and ducts.

The serviceman will use a ladder to reach the AC vents and remove the vents to get access to the air ducts in the home. Using a flashlight, the serviceman will visually inspect the ducts for any signs of blockage or damage.

The serviceman will then inspect the outdoor unit for any damage. He will remove vents and other components and quickly clean them off.

The next step is to investigate the ductwork in the attic. If there are any tears or punctures, he can repair them with tape and other measures. The serviceman will then clear out the area with a vacuum.

The serviceman will then use specialized measuring equipment to measure the airflow coming from the unit after the cleaning. This will help him make sure his cleaning was effective and there aren’t deeper problems.

Proper air conditioning maintenance will allow your air conditioning unit to run for years on end without being replaced. To learn more about air conditioning service, watch the video in the link above.