What to Look For in Tree Removal Contractors, and How the Process Works


Whether a tree you’d like to have removed is dead, too large or close to your home, or simply an eyesore, professional tree removal contractors know that it’s not a one-man process. Gloves, eye, ear, and head protection, safe equipment, and efficient ways of removing the trunk and branches from your lawn are key signs of efficiency and preparation.

Tree removal contractors will begin by removing the thickest, lowest branches of the tree in question, and will ensure their bodies are properly protected before doing so.

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Once these thick sections are removed with a chainsaw, a contractor will tie themselves to a harness and work up the trunk to remove the smaller branches.

Head protection and effective communication ensure that nobody is harmed by loose pieces of branches in the process. Once the contractor has reached the highest branches, the tree trunk is then cut into smaller logs as they work their way back down.

Many companies have their own vehicles designed to transport these heavy logs from the lawn to the back of their truck. Woodchippers are also common ways of eliminating bulky branches and turning the wood into a reusable resource. Tree removal contractors may also offer stump removals to flatten the ground beneath the patch where the tree once stood.