What You Didnt Know About Your Roof


Your roofing system may last between 15 and 30 years, depending on the type of roof and the installation method used. However, there are times when you may require roof replacement prior to that time period.

When you notice your shingles are falling from your roof, it’s time to contact a roofing contractor to schedule a roof replacement.

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Shingles that are falling off are one indication that it is time for a new roofing system. Further, if your roof has blisters from excessive heat, you should consider replacing it.

Zack Blenkinsopp, a general roofing contractor, discusses the importance of moss and algae in his brief YouTube video, “When Should I Replace My Roof? (From a Roofing Contractor).” You can eliminate moss growth on your roof by chemically cleaning it. However, if the moss is not removed promptly, it can cause additional damage and necessitate roof replacement. Leaks could also indicate that it’s time for a new roof. Leaks can originate from a variety of roof surfaces, but most commonly from your chimney. If your chimney is no longer a part of your home, you can have it removed when conducting roof replacement.