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5 Home Renovation Facts to Know Before You Begin Your Remodel

Planning and starting a remodel of your home is an intimidating process, beginning to end. It’s easy to lose your grip on the project and end up way over your head and way over budget. Instead, make sure you’re prepared by checking out these interesting and useful facts relating to home renovation!

1. Bathroom Additions Have a Huge Return on Investment

86.4% return on investment, to be exact. That means that instead of simply regaining what it cost to redo bathroom additions in your home, you’ll be netting nearly double what it cost when you decide to sell! Everyone loves a happy in your home bathroom, and nicer ones have the added benefit of piling on to the cost of a home. A home bathroom remodel has shown to be an excellent way of making more money of a sale, despite often requiring the use of bathroom remodeling contractors. With its excellent return

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Are You Selecting Light Fixtures for a Renovation in Your Home?

The new lighting over the fireplace is amazing. After 20 years in your home, you finally invested in some much needed upgrades. In addition to the refinishing the wood floors and cabinets in the kitchen, you also convinced your husband that it was also worth the money to change out some of the lighting fixtures. Aside from the fact that the rings around the two decades old can lights were discolored from years of cooking, the lights were not effective. They were so defused that they could not be used as task lights or as mood lights. The new lighting fixtures are not only more effective, they are also more efficient.
The latest energy efficient light fixtures are worth the investment. In fact, by installing low bay induction lighting you can create a better room, while also helping the environment as well. From solar parking lot light fixtures that create safer spaces to low bay lig

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A Look Behind The Growing Importance Of Landscaping In The United States

There is no doubt about it that the upkeep of your home mattes, but this incorporates not only the upkeep of the interior of your home, but the upkeep of its exterior and your outdoor spaces as well. In fact, having a yard is so important that more than eighty percent of people here in the United States say that this is so – and keeping up a yard is just as much, with ninety percent of current yard owners claiming that this is the case. After all, there are many ways to take advantage of your outdoor spaces, so it more than pays off to keep them nice.

In fact, for more than half of people who are looking to update their landscaping, spending more time in their yard is the primary goal. In fact, these home owners already spend at least six hours a week outside (weather permitting, of course), participating in a wide variety of activities. Nearly half of these people (around forty eight percent of them, to be a little bit more precise) will spend time gardening, planting everything

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How ICF Can Help Eco-Friendly Homeowners

Homeowners are always making decisions, from repairs to additions they’ve got a lot on their plate to design their homes into a place they only believed possible in dreams. That dream doesn’t come without worry though. New homeowners aren’t just searching for aesthetic value, but an environmentally friendly home equipped with energy efficient, high-performance in mind, and built from green building materials for a sturdier, healthier foundation to traditional concrete materials used. The concept of eco-friendly homes is one that is quickly becoming popular among younger homeowners; the idea of saving the planet is appealing, but what do these terms mean and how do they hold up against concrete form construction?

What Are “Breathable Walls?”

This term is something often heard when discussing constructing a home with green building materials, but it’s technically incorrect because uncontrolled air flow is particularly damaging to buildings. There is a common

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Why You Need Moving Services

You have just purchased your dream home, which has a gorgeous living room where your prized grand piano, stunning solid wood living room furniture, mission rugs, and hardwood end tables will fit beautifully. The only problem? The home is a split level, and that gorgeous living room is on the upper floor, eight steps’ worth of height.

You are ready to upgrade apartments. In this university town, it is nearly impossible to score on of the luxurious high rise apartments in down town, but somehow you did. The only setback? You are moving down from a seventh floor university apartment–and the elevator is broken. You would have your father and brother come help you, but they live six hours away, and you can’t lift your dressers on your own.

Moving into a new home is exciting, but if you asked someone if they loved the process of moving itself, you likely would not be met with a lot of enthusiasm. That is because when there is a move that involves a long distance, extremely heavy

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