Why it is important to get rid of your rodent problem


Rodents can be a severe problem for home owners. These destructive animals can create holes in your walls, destroy your wiring, and leave feces and urine all over your property. Rodents can carry all types of diseases that can make people very sick, getting rid of them can be a challenge so seeking help from a rodent removal professional may be in your best interest.

Rats can cause significant amounts of damage all over your property. Everything from your home to your vehicle and everything in between. Rats can get inside of your engine and chew up your wiring and tubing for all different parts under the hood. This can end up costing you thousands in repairs at mechanic shops and lead to issues with your vehicle you had not planned for. Rats can leave trails of rat feces all over your yard and even inside of your home. Their droppings and urine contain all kinds of harmful viruses that can create illness in both people and pets. The sooner you get rid of the rats the better it will be for everyone. Rats reproduce really fast. Two rats could easily turn into a population of 482 million rats in as little as three years in the right environment.

Squirrel families can cause damage within your home, garage or sheds by burrowing and building nests. They chew on things constantly as well as their teeth never stop growing. They can cause all types of damage and destroy lots of your homes insulation by making holes all throughout your walls and using your insulation fibres to build nests. Squirrels don’t carry nearly as many diseases but are equally as damaging to surrounding areas. Raccoons, moles, woodchucks, and rabbits are all within the same class and cause damage in different ways. Each of which can be taken out by a professional rodent removal service and you can learn ways to deter them without costing a fortune.

If you want to try and deter these animals from coming near your home there are a few different tactics you can use to do so. Try getting an outdoor cat, cats are great hunters and eat and kill mice, rats, moles, and other small animals. Raccoons can be deterred from coming near your home if they feel threatened but may still pose a risk to your cat if it is still young. Avoid having garbage, pet food, or any organic matter outside of the home if it is not in a sealed container. Rodents are attracted to easy food sources so keep them from getting that and they will move on. If you continue to have problems with unwanted rodents speak to a rodent removal specialist for more tips and tricks on how to keep these pests at bay.