Cost of Wood Flooring Installation


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Installing wood floors can be a great choice for any home. It can help with maintenance and give a generally rustic and clean look to any room. But how much will it cost? This article will discuss what goes into adding up wood flooring pricing.

There are multiple factors that go into pricing a wood floor installation. The first and most obvious is square footage. On average, you will be charged $10-$12 per square foot. So if you have 1000sq. ft. you want to be covered, it will run you about $10-$12,000.

You also have to include labor. Installing wood floors means taking out the existing wood floors, carpets, etc. They will charge a disposal fee for this. Then, your installers will make sure the ground is even and prepper for installation. Then comes the actual installation. This takes time, and so also costs money.

Another factor to consider is the species of wood. On the lower end of species, you will have pine and cedar, and on the higher end, you will get South American species. The less expensive species may require more maintenance, so you have to weigh out costs beforehand.

Finally, you have to take into account the finishing touches. Most companies will include a few coats of moisture barrier to minimize maintenance, but staining fo a specific look can cost extra.

Though initial costs may be steep, hardwood floors are long-lasting investments that can raise the property value of your home on the whole. Contact wood flooring installers today!