Repairing a Garage Door Opener


Your garage door is an expensive investment to make, and you don’t want to have to replace it. When there is an issue with your garage door you can have it repaired or even repair it yourself. Here are some tips when going through a garage door opener repair.

The motor unit might have been unplugged. This is the simplest problem, as it can just be plugged back in.

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If this doesn’t fix it, you might want to reset the breaker to make sure the circuit is live.

If it isn’t an electric problem, it could be that the sensor to open and close the door is misaligned. This can happen if you bump into the sensor and it turns even a millimeter to the side. Make sure to check that the sensors are aligned before calling a professional.

A garage door repair company might be the best option if you cannot identify the problem. Call some options in your area to find the best pricing. If you know what company installed your garage door, you might just go to them. Keep your garage in good repair so you don’t have to constantly have it serviced or even replaced.