Best Kitchen Cabinets 2022


Kitchen cabinets are one of the core elements of your kitchen. Their design and functionality are crucial. However, there are many different brands and styles to choose from.

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In this video, you will learn about some of the best kitchen cabinets of 2022.

The first cabinets on the list are Hampton Bay Wall Cabinets in white. These cabinets make your kitchen beautiful. There is even a interactive app that can show you what they will look like in your kitchen. The installation process is also easy.

The next cabinets on the list are the Newport Base Cabinets in Pacific White. They come at an affordable price with a kitchen estimator tool. However, these cheap cabinets are anything but cheap. They provide excellent durability and strength.

The third set of cabinets are the Hampton Designer Series Edgeley Wall Cabinets. These cabinets feature hardwood dovetail drawers with soft closing doors. This means they won’t create a loud slam when you close them. Another set of cabinets that feature solid hardwood dovetail drawers and soft close doors are the Home Decorators Collection Midtown Cabinets. These cabinets additionally have a plywood construction and are KCMA certified.