3 Reasons to Use Mosquito Screens on Your Deck


Many homeowners with the space available like to include an outdoor pool in the backyard. This makes sense since swimming is the fourth most popular activity in the United States. Sometimes, this pool is surrounded by a wooden deck, with the pool located in the middle. However, while many pools are located outside, it does not mean they should be left unprotected. Those who have outdoor pools should turn to items like a bug screen or mosquito screens for decks to adequately protect this area. This article will look at three reasons why it is very important to use mosquito screens for decks and swimming pools.

  • Protection from Bugs: As you might expect, one reason to use mosquito screens for decks is to keep out bugs and mosquitos. Mosquitos are not just an irritant that can leave itchy bug bites on your skin; they can also transmit disease in a variety of ways. Placing a mesh screen around your deck and pool can keep mosquitos out and dramatically lower the risk of catching a mosquito-borne disease.
  • Protection from Debris: Another reason to use mosquito screens for decks is that it can keep the deck, and anything located within the screened area, safe from small debris. For example, if you’re sitting outside in the screened area during a windy day and leaves and grass are blowing through the air, the screen can block these irritants out and stop them from bothering you. And by extension, the screen can make it easier to keep the deck clean. It’s a double benefit if there’s a pool located on the deck as well, since patio screen mesh can keep leaves and other small debris from falling into the pool.
  • Protection from the Sun: A third reason to use mosquito screens for decks is they can help protect you from the sun. How that would work is, when the screens are put up around the deck, there is generally a roof covering put in place to hold the screen walls in place. In effect, placing mosquito screens around the deck would turn the area into a kind of sunroom that is outside but still protected from the elements. Having a roof over the deck would protect those sitting outside from the sun and allow you to relax outside for long periods of time without having to worry about being seriously sunburned.

In conclusion, there are several good reasons you should place mosquito screens around your deck. These include protecting yourself and others from mosquitos and the diseases they can carry, protecting your deck and swimming pool from small debris, and protecting those who use the deck from the sun. These are all excellent reasons to make use of a mosquito screen around your deck.